Foreign Minister Maas on Afghanistan

15.05.2020 - Press release

Speaking to RND newspapers about Afghanistan yesterday (14 May), Foreign Minister Maas said:

We are currently seeing a dangerous development in Afghanistan. We condemn the despicable attacks in recent days – including one on a maternity hospital – in the strongest possible terms. Germany is supporting those affected by the attack on the hospital and is looking after the relatives of the victims.

Through these perfidious attacks, the insurgents are trying to draw Afghanistan back into a spiral of violence and counter-violence. Afghanistan must not be allowed to sink into these old patterns, which ultimately would only mean further suffering for the civilian population. What Afghanistan needs now is a genuine ceasefire. That is the only way to bring progress in the peace process the country so urgently needs.

There must be no further setbacks in the peace process. The Taliban must profess a clear commitment to political negotiations, so that all Afghans can live in peace, freedom and security. The weapons must fall silent at last, so that the Afghans can talk to each other!


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