Foreign Minister Maas on the current situation in Ethiopia

04.11.2021 - Press release

Foreign Minister Maas issued the following statement today (4 November) on the current situation in Ethiopia:

The conflict in northern Ethiopia is escalating rapidly one year after it began. All parties involved must immediately cease hostilities. Together with its international partners, Germany will continue to work toward negotiations and a peaceful solution to the conflict.

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front and its allies, including the Oromo Liberation Army, must end their offensive without delay. The Ethiopian Government must stop its air strikes and refrain from calls to mobilise the population. Ethnically motivated hate speech is poison to the unity of Ethiopia.

The human suffering in the Tigray, Amhara and Afar regions has reached catastrophic proportions as a result of the mounting humanitarian emergency. Now, more than ever, humanitarian aid workers need unhindered access in order to do their life-saving work.

We welcome the fact that a report has been published by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission with the findings of their joint investigation. The human rights violations detailed in the report must have consequences. They must be addressed in transparent proceedings conducted in accordance with the rule of law.

Background information:

The conflict in northern Ethiopia began last year on 4 November. One year on, there is no sign of a peaceful solution. Following air strikes by the Government in Tigray, and the further advance of the Tigray Defence Forces in Amhara and Afar over the past days, the Ethiopian Government announced a nationwide state of emergency on 2 November. The general mobilisation, escalating rhetoric and targeted misinformation are further fuelling the conflict and giving people ever more reason to fear for the future and unity of Ethiopia.

On 3 November, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) published a joint report on human rights violations and other offences committed in Tigray. The report covers the period from 3 November 2020 to 28 June 2021.


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