Foreign Minister Maas on the 5th anniversary of the Maidan protests

21.11.2018 - Press release

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas issued the following statement today (21 November):

Five years ago, thousands of Ukrainians took to the streets in Kyiv to exercise their democratic right, to speak out in favour of the rule of law and for a free and sovereign Ukraine.

We have not forgotten the hopes of those people.

Nor have we forgotten the suffering the Ukrainians have had to endure over the past five years. Over a hundred lives were lost in the protests, and the conflict in eastern Ukraine has claimed several thousand more. Shots are still being fired in the Donbass every day.

For that reason, we will continue to work resolutely for peace and for Ukraine’s territorial integrity. And we will continue to support the Ukrainian Government in implementing reforms aimed at improving the people’s lives.


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