Statement by Foreign Minister Maas on the elections in the United States

04.11.2020 - Press release

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas gave the following statement today (4 November) on the elections in the United States:

Judging by what we see so far, it is a neck-and-neck race between President Trump and Joe Biden. In many places in the US, votes are still being counted and the tallies of mail-in ballots have not yet been announced. It would be premature to comment today on the election or the current preliminary results.

Voter turnout in this US election has been historically high – and unfortunately so has political polarisation. This is why it is important for all politicians who speak directly to the people to create confidence in the electoral process and the results.

We deeply respect how America has taken on the great challenges associated with organising and conducting an election in this vast country in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, we must have patience and wait until the elections have been duly concluded.

America is a strong democracy; the country’s institutions and the rule of law with its checks and balances have in the past repeatedly proven that they function also in difficult situations, and that they can resolve critical issues in such a way that democratic principles prevail.


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