Statement by the Federal Foreign Office on the reported testing of a long-range ballistic missile by North Korea

18.12.2023 - Press release

A Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson issued the following statement today (18 December) on the reported testing of a ballistic long-range missile by North Korea:

We condemn in the strongest possible terms the illegal launch of a long-range ballistic missile by North Korea on 18 December, as well as the launch of a short-range ballistic missile the previous day. With these missile launches, North Korea has once again blatantly violated relevant United Nations Security Council Resolutions, increased tensions in the region in an irresponsible manner and endangered regional and international peace.

We urge North Korea to refrain from further tests, to fully implement the Security Council decisions, to accept the offers of dialogue put forward by the United States and South Korea and to enter into serious negotiations on the dismantling of its nuclear and missile programmes. North Korea is bound to the complete, verifiable and irreversible ending of its programmes to develop weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles.


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