Statement by Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation Michael Link prior to his first official trip to the US

03.05.2022 - Press release

By deciding to begin my inaugural visit in Ohio, a state of particular political importance to the US at the moment, I want to emphasise the fact that we must cultivate our transatlantic partnership across the board. This includes contacts both at state level and in the two major parties in the US. At the same time, we must strengthen intersocietal encounters, especially among young people, and promote a new transatlantic generation.

During my talks in Washington, DC, my primary focus will be on deepening our close bilateral exchange and identifying opportunities to intensify this. These talks will take place against the backdrop of the ongoing Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. I will therefore, first and foremost, explain Germany’s positions, from sanctions to the specific details of the security policy watershed. It is and remains vitally important for the security of Germany and Europe that the North Atlantic Alliance continues to act in such a united and determined manner.

Further information:

Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation Michael Link will first travel to Columbus (Ohio) on Tuesday evening (3 May), where he will hold political talks on Wednesday (4 May) with representatives of Ohio’s General Assembly and executive branch. A meeting with the Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party has also been scheduled. Furthermore, the programme includes a meeting with German exchange students and visiting scholars, as well as a meeting with representatives of German-US city partnerships. On Thursday, Michael Link will travel to Cleveland (Ohio) for talks with the Mayor and visit German businesses.

After arriving in Washington, DC, the Transatlantic Coordinator will hold talks at the Department of State, the National Security Council and with members of think tanks on Friday. Appointments with the Goethe-Institut, representatives of political foundations and a meeting with the press are on the agenda at the weekend. On Monday, Michael Link will then hold talks on Capitol Hill and with the American Friends of the Munich Security Conference.


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