Human Rights Commissioner Kofler on the sentencing of Chinese civil rights activist Qin Yongmin

11.07.2018 - Press release

Commenting on the sentencing of the Chinese civil rights activist Qin Yongmin to thirteen years in prison by Wuhan City Intermediate People’s Court, Dr Bärbel Kofler, Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid at the Federal Foreign Office, issued the following statement today (11 July):

The thirteen-year prison sentence imposed today by Wuhan City Intermediate People’s Court on human rights activist Qin Yongmin for “subversion of state power” increases my concerns about the human rights situation in China.

Qin Yongmin has for decades worked peacefully for civil rights and democratic reform in China, for which he has already spent 22 years of his life in prison. Despite these personal hardships, he has not ceased in his untiring commitment to bring democracy to China. 

I call upon the Chinese Government to release Qin Yongmin immediately. The Federal Government will continue to stand up for him and for other human rights defenders in detention in China.

Background information:

64-year-old Chinese civil rights activist and co-founder of the China Democracy Party Qin Yongmin was today sentenced to thirteen years’ imprisonment for “subversion of state power”. He has already spent 22 years of his life in prison. He was arrested in January 2015 and remained in custody until the trial, which has just concluded, began in May 2018.  


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