Joint statement by the German and French Human Rights Commissioners following reports of death threats against the journalist Elena Milashina in Chechnya

22.04.2020 - Press release

French Human Rights Ambassador François Croquette and Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy Bärbel Kofler issued the following joint statement today (22 April) following reports of death threats received by journalist Elena Milashina in Chechnya:

We call on the Russian authorities to investigate the death threats received by the journalist Elena Milashina following her reporting from Chechnya. Elena Milashina was awarded the Franco-German Prize for Human Rights and the Rule of Law in 2017 for her important and courageous work.

Threats made by state officials are entirely unacceptable and contravene all forms of the rule of law. We call on the Russian Federation to comply with the international and European obligations that it has entered into in order to ensure the freedom of the press and the protection of journalists.


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