Statement by the Federal Foreign Office on the Houthi attacks on commercial vessels

07.03.2024 - Press release

A Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson issued the following statement today on the Houthi attack on the commercial ship True Confidence:

We condemn yesterday's attack by the Houthis on the civilian commercial vessel True Confidence in the strongest possible terms. This attack claimed three lives and injured several people. Our thoughts are with the families of the victims. We wish those who have been injured a rapid recovery.

We have repeatedly pointed out that the Houthi attacks are putting the lives of innocent crew members on international commercial vessels in grave danger. The fact that, after numerous attacks, people have now also been killed and severely injured is a tragic consequence of the Houthis' completely irresponsible actions.

Following the sinking of the Ruby Mar, another ship has now been set ablaze. These attacks can at any time trigger an environmental disaster that would have a dramatic impact on the regional ecosystem and all neighbouring countries, including Yemen.

The violent Houthi attacks on civilian commercial vessels are contrary to international law and significantly impede the safety of international navigation. They threaten navigation on global trade routes and adversely affect German and international security interests. They are completely unacceptable and must stop immediately.

Germany will continue to help protect the freedom of navigation and ensure the safety of shipping routes as part of the EU’s maritime security operation ASPIDES.


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