Statement by the Federal Foreign Office on the situation in Gaza

09.08.2018 - Press release

The Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson issued the following statement today (9 August) on the latest escalation in the Gaza Strip:

The alarming escalation of violence last night, in which several people were killed and many others injured, is a cause of the gravest concern to us.

We condemn the massive rocket and mortar fire on Israeli towns and villages from Gaza in the strongest possible terms. Such actions, which put the lives of innocent people at risk, cannot be justified. We hope that all those injured will make a swift and full recovery.

Our position is clear – Israel has the right to defend its security and to respond appropriately to attacks. At the same time, it is crucial that everything possible be done to ensure that no further escalation with potentially dangerous repercussions occurs. It can be no one’s aim that the Gaza Strip and southern Israel become the site of a major military conflict once again. It is therefore all the more important to prevent individual events at the border from leading to a logic of violence with an unforeseeable end. We call on all those who can influence the situation to counteract any further escalation.

All actors are called on to play a part in this and to endeavour to bring about de escalation and a way out of the current crisis. All efforts, particularly those on the part of Egypt and the United Nations, to mediate and resolve the ongoing conflicts have our full support. These efforts are now more important than ever and must be continued all the more intensively.


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