Statement by Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel on North Korea’s latest missile test

29.11.2017 - Press release

Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel issued the following statement today (29 November) on North Korea’s latest missile test:

On behalf of the German Government, I condemn North Korea’s ballistic missile test in the strongest possible terms. This represents another breach of international law on the part of North Korea, whose irresponsible actions represent an enormous threat to international security.

The United Nations Security Council has clearly and unanimously condemned North Korea’s recent nuclear and missile tests. The regime in Pyongyang has stoked tensions in the region once again with this latest test. This serves as another reminder of how serious a threat North Korea poses to world peace.

We must oppose this threat resolutely and unambiguously as an international community. We must continue to increase the pressure on North Korea. This is the only way to reach a peaceful solution and to convince North Korea of the necessity to engage in talks. The offers are on the table, as we all know. North Korea has disregarded them once again with its missile test in contravention of international law.

I therefore call on North Korea with the utmost urgency to comply with all applicable UN Security Council resolutions and to immediately cease all activities relating to its illegal missile and nuclear programme without exception.

The North Korean Ambassador will be summoned to the Federal Foreign Office on Wednesday to this end.

Background Information:

In the early hours of the morning (2.47 a.m. local time) on 29 November 2017, North Korea carried out a further missile test in violation of international law. Initial findings suggest that this was an intercontinental missile. It was launched from Pyongsong, in the direct vicinity of the capital Pyongyang, and flew over North Korean territory for approximately 1000 km before crashing into the sea in Japan’s exclusive economic Zone.

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