Statement of the G7 Non-Proliferation Directors Group in support of the IAEA´s efforts to ensure Nuclear Safety and Security in Ukraine

07.04.2022 - Press release

G7 leaders and ministers have condemned Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine.

The G7 Non-Proliferation Directors Group (NPDG) remains profoundly concerned by attacks perpetrated by Russia at and in the direct vicinity of nuclear and radiological facilities in Ukraine. Such acts threaten the safety and security of nuclear facilities devoted to peaceful purposes in Ukraine, significantly raising the risk of a nuclear accident or incident and endangering civilians and the environment. They also undermine the IAEA’s ability to monitor Ukraine’s peaceful nuclear activities for safeguards purposes.

IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi’s recent travel to Ukraine and Russia was aimed at further efforts to ensure the nuclear safety and security of, and the application of safeguards to, nuclear material and facilities in Ukraine as a matter of urgency, including by delivering technical equipment, while respecting full Ukrainian sovereignty over its territory and infrastructure.

The G7 NPDG welcomes Director General Grossi’s efforts as a major contribution to nuclear safety and security in Ukraine and thanks the Director General and the IAEA staff for their tireless commitment in this regard. The group underlines its full and continued support for the Agency.

The G7 NPDG encourages all countries to support the IAEA’s assistance efforts and to make available to the IAEA necessary resources and equipment to facilitate technical support to Ukraine and to restore and to sustain safeguards.

We reiterate that IAEA staff should be able to access all nuclear facilities in Ukraine safely and without undue impediments, and engage directly, and without interference, with the Ukrainian personnel responsible for the operation of these facilities. The safety of all individuals implementing these efforts must be ensured.


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