Statement by the Federal Foreign Office on the situation in northwest Syria

12.07.2019 - Press release

A Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson issued the following statement today (12 July) on the situation in northwest Syria:

Three medical facilities funded by the German Government have been attacked and several medical workers have been killed during the ruthless military offensive by the Syrian regime and its allies. We condemn targeted attacks on medical facilities and humanitarian aid workers in the strongest possible terms. Such attacks violate elementary rules of international humanitarian law, and it is imperative that all parties to the conflict cease them.

We explicitly call on all parties to refrain from conducting any military offensive in the region, to uphold international humanitarian law and to ensure that the civilian population is protected.

A negotiated settlement to the conflict is needed. The conflict in Syria can only be permanently ended by the UN-led political process in Geneva and the inclusion in it of all stakeholders and population groups.

Background information

The hospital in Kafr Nabl is one of the medical facilities funded by the German Government. Despite the fact that the UN reported its location, it was hit by air strikes in May and again in July. Furthermore, two ambulances operated by German Government partner organisations were attacked while carrying out their work. We are in contact with our partners and looking for ways to ensure better protection for ambulances and to warn aid workers about possible air strikes.


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