Statement by the Federal Foreign Office on the joint declaration by Ethiopia and Eritrea

10.07.2018 - Press release

A Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson issued the following statement today (10 July) on the signing of a “declaration of peace and friendship” by the Ethiopian Prime Minister and the Eritrean President:

This is very good news from the Horn of Africa.

In recent days, Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr Abiy and Eritrean President Isaias have shown that it is possible to move beyond long years of animosity and to open a new chapter in their relations. The “declaration of peace and friendship” signed by the two leaders provides grounds for hope that the conflict, which has claimed tens of thousands of lives and displaced hundreds of thousands of people, can be permanently resolved.

The German Government would like to encourage both sides to continue on this path and thus to create new opportunities for their countries. During his visit to Ethiopia in early May, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas encouraged the Ethiopian Government to pursue its reform course and welcomed what had been achieved so far. The German Government will support both countries on their further path to détente and explore ways to foster the peace process.


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