The Federal Foreign Office on the latest developments in Ethiopia

03.07.2020 - Press release

A Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson today (3 July) issued the following statement on the latest developments in Ethiopia:

We are concerned and alarmed by the reports of violent clashes, deaths and detentions in Ethiopia. We call on all involved to refrain from violence and to engage in dialogue in order to work together to address the events of recent days peacefully. In this critical situation, human rights must be safeguarded and violence must not go unpunished.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic repercussions are exacerbating the social and ethnic tensions in Ethiopian society. These tensions can only be dismantled, step by step, through intensive dialogue within Ethiopian society. Germany is supporting initiatives and projects to this end.

It is especially important that the Ethiopian Government continue its course of reform. The country’s economic development is crucial: Ethiopia’s young population needs prospects for the future. We have increased our commitment considerably in the past two years. In addition, Germany has been strongly engaged in the country for years within the scope of humanitarian assistance.

Background information:

The past few days have seen violent clashes and pillaging in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa and some other cities in the country in response to the murder of the well‑known Oromo musician Haacaalu Hundeessaa. Over 90 people have died. Known members of the opposition were arrested during the protests.

The Federal Foreign Office supports, among other things, crisis prevention and stabilisation projects in Ethiopia designed to promote dialogue and reconciliation. One project, for example, aims to support an inclusive political transition and reconciliation process in the Somali region. Another focuses on the federal level and is aiming to create space for a dialogue at national level. Through such projects, the German Government is making a concrete contribution towards the success of the Ethiopian Government’s course of reform.

So far in 2020, Germany has made available some 25 million euro in bilateral humanitarian assistance. This money is used to provide support in areas such as emergency food aid, protection and shelter, basic healthcare and water supply. Our implementation partners are the United Nations, the Red Cross movement and non‑governmental organisations. Moreover, Ethiopia receives FAO regional support funding to combat the desert locust plague as well as UNHCR regional support to provide for refugees from Somalia and South Sudan.


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