Statement by Minister of State Müntefering prior to the conclusion of the Deutschlandjahr USA

31.10.2019 - Press release

Michelle Müntefering, Minister of State for International Cultural Policy, is accompanying Federal President Frank‑Walter Steinmeier on his visit to the United States to mark the end of the Deutschlandjahr USA. She issued the following statement shortly before her departure:

The Deutschlandjahr USA has been a vivid illustration of what ‘wunderbar together’ means. Germany and the United States have a great deal in common, irrespective of the political situation. Only by working together can we answer the questions posed by globalisation. And civil society can provide vital impetus for the further development of our transatlantic relations. It is now important to continue the dialogue between our societies beyond the Deutschlandjahr.

Background information:

The Deutschlandjahr USA began in October 2018 and will conclude at the end of 2019. “Wunderbar together” was the motto of this communication campaign and broad-based dialogue with US civil society, which was funded by the Federal Foreign Office. The aim was to address the widest possible range of target groups, in the United States, particularly beyond the East and West coasts.

The campaign reached people all over the country, both on the ground in all 50 states and online. By the end of November 2019, over 2000 events, with 365 partners and around 1.6 million visitors will have taken place. More than nine million people have visited the campaign’s digital channels so far.


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