Foreign Minister Heiko Maas prior to his trip to Warsaw

16.03.2018 - Press release

Before departing for his first official visit to Warsaw, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas issued the following statement today (16 March):

Europe is unimaginable without the reconciliation and friendship between Germany and Poland. We thus shoulder a shared responsibility to keep Europe together. In today’s talks, we will therefore consider together how we can move Europe forward together with France.

But I do also want to make plain that the close relations and the friendship between our countries and the trust that has grown between Germans and Poles through the decades are not something that we take for granted. We stand by the close partnership with Poland. This holds true despite the differing perspectives we have in some spheres.

Background Information:
Foreign Minister Heiko Maas is travelling to Warsaw today for his first official visit to Poland. High-level talks are on the agenda.


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