Statement by Coordinator of German-American Cooperation Peter Beyer prior to departure for the conclusion of the PopUp Tour, part of the Year of German-American Friendship

10.10.2019 - Press release

Peter Beyer, the German Government’s Coordinator of German-American Cooperation, will be in Portland, Oregon, from today until Sunday (10‑13 October) for the conclusion of the PopUp Tour organised as part of the Deutschlandjahr USA 2018/19 (Year of German-American Friendship). Sponsored by the Federal Foreign Office, the Year of German-American Friendship is being held under the banner “Wunderbar Together”. Mr Beyer issued the following statement before setting off:

I am very much looking forward to talking to people in Portland at the end of the Wunderbar Together PopUp Tour. Our transatlantic partnership is not limited to political and economic cooperation. It exists not only between Berlin and Washington, but also between the people living in Germany and in the United States.

Our goal of getting to know the Americans ever better and thereby consolidating our friendship is currently being met in extraordinary fashion thanks to the Year of German-American Friendship. I am particularly delighted that the many lively Wunderbar Together events across the US have also captured young people’s imaginations. Even far away from the major metropolitan areas, the people of America are interested in Germany.

Germany has an increasingly positive reputation in the US. We knew that from studies. And yet we have been surprised again and again over the last few months by just how well Germans and Americans get on. As demonstrated by the positive response to the more than 1000 events held for this Year of German-American Friendship, the transatlantic friendship is alive and well. I will continue working to keep it that way.


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