Transatlantic Coordinator Peter Beyer travels to Washington, DC and Charleston for political and economic talks

28.06.2019 - Press release

The Federal Government’s Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation in the Field of Intersocietal Relations, Cultural and Information Policy, Peter Beyer, is travelling to the US for political and economic talks from Monday, 1 July to Tuesday, 9 July. He issued the following statement prior to his departure:

My trip will focus, among other things, on German economic interests in the southeast of the US and the current transatlantic political agenda with its sometimes difficult issues. More than 100 German companies and organisations are active in South Carolina, a federal state that is an essential anchor in terms of our economic Relations.

Cooperation with Washington, DC is hugely important. It has not become any easier in recent times yet is even gaining in importance. In a world in which autocratic states are becoming increasingly demanding and the economic climate is getting rougher, democracies around the globe need to stand shoulder to shoulder in a spirit of trust. Above all, we need a healthy working relationship with our most important friend and partner outside Europe, the United States of America. I’m therefore looking forward to discussing the entire spectrum of important – not always easy – transatlantic issues with our US partners in Washington, DC. Topics will include business, security and civil society relations. We will also touch on our trade relations and the rules governing 5G expansion, as well as our relations with Russia, Nord Stream 2 and regulations in the area of armaments cooperation. None of these issues is easy, and each requires our particular political attention. I will also pay another visit to the Virginia prison where Jens Söring, a German citizen, has been behind bars for almost 30 years.


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