Transatlantic Coordinator Peter Beyer travels to China and the United States

30.11.2019 - Press release

The Federal Government Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation in the Field of Intersocietal Relations, Cultural and Information Policy, Peter Beyer, is travelling to Shanghai, Beijing and Washington, DC from Saturday, 30 November to Saturday, 7 December. He issued the following statement prior to his departure:

US-Chinese relations will have a decisive impact on world affairs in the 21st century and Germany and Europe must find their bearings in this system. This century will, or so the former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton predicts, be a Pacific age. Germany will continue to stand firmly by the US – there is no doubt about that. However, it is important that we also engage in an intensive dialogue with Beijing.

Beyer will conduct a large number of political talks on current affairs during his trip: what is the way forward in the trade conflict between the US and China? How are human rights faring in China? What approach should Germany take with regard to expanding critical infrastructure – notably the 5G network? How are German companies positioning themselves in China? How should we deal with increasing tensions in the South China Sea?


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