Statement by the Federal Foreign Office on the situation in Iraq

15.11.2017 - Press release

A Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson issued the following statement today (15 November) in response to the declaration by the Government of the Region of Kurdistan-Iraq that it would respect the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court’s decision of 6 November:

We expressly welcome yesterday’s declaration by the Kurdistan Regional Government on the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court’s Interpretation of Article 1 of the Constitution, stating that the Iraqi Constitution does not permit the secession of individual regions. This is important because it signals an openness to dialogue. It is now up to the Government in Baghdad to make use of this opportunity and to begin, as soon as possible, to resolve the political disputes.
Only if all stakeholders make a concerted effort, and if the unity of the country and its constitutional order are maintained, will Iraq be able to meet the great challenges it is facing.


On 14 November, the Kurdistan Regional Government declared that it would respect the decision of the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court confirming the interpretation of Article 1 of the Iraqi Constitution, which states that independence of Iraqi regions is not provided for by the Constitution.


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