Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock at the start of her first official visit

08.12.2021 - Press release

Statement by Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock at the start of her first official visit to Paris, Brussels and Warsaw:

In Paris, Brussels and Warsaw, my first message will be this: our partners in the European Union can rely on the new German Government from day one. Europe plays the pivotal role in our foreign policy.

My main goal during these visits is to listen to our closest partners. We will not pursue our ideas and interests over the heads of our neighbours, let alone at their expense. For we know that Germany’s overarching interest is in a strong and united Europe. The basis for this is the ability to acknowledge the point of view of others and recognise where they are coming from, particularly where controversial issues are at stake.

This requires us as the EU to take our fundamental values seriously and to apply the rules we have set ourselves together. Particularly in the case of the rule of law and human rights, we cannot allow Europe's foundations to be eroded. When France assumes the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in January, it can count on our support in making Europe more sovereign and more effective.

From day one, I will give international climate policy the place it deserves on the diplomatic agenda: right at the top. The most important task of diplomacy is to prevent, mitigate and resolve crises as effectively as possible. And no crisis poses more of a threat to the future of humanity than the climate crisis. In Germany, we plan to implement the most ambitious industrial transformation for generations. Yet we can only achieve our goals together. That is why I also intend to talk to our European friends about how we can strengthen our climate partnerships with other regions of the world. For the climate crisis does not stop at borders.


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