Minister of State Annen in Washington, DC for political talks

25.02.2019 - Press release

Minister of State Niels Annen will be in Washington, DC on 25 and 26 February for high level political talks focusing on transatlantic relations, trade, and the situation in Syria, Afghanistan and the Middle East. He will be talking to representatives of the US State Department, the Department of Defense, and Democratic and Republican members of Congress.

Prior to the talks, Minister of State Annen issued the following statement today (25 February):

Relations with the United States are of crucial importance to Germany – no matter who is in the White House. Despite the differences of opinion, for instance on the nuclear deal with Iran (JCPoA), we are working closely and in a spirit of trust with the United States in many areas, not least due to the very close economic and cultural ties between our two countries. My hope for the future is that, when it comes to the pressing foreign policy issues, we will again be more successful in emphasising and coordinating the common positions held by Europe and the United States.

As part of the Deutschlandjahr under the motto “Wunderbar together”, Minister of State Annen will also be discussing the future of Europe with students from various universities at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.


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