Minister of State Annen visits Lebanon

05.03.2019 - Press release

Minister of State Niels Annen is travelling to Lebanon from 5 to 7 March for high-level talks with representatives of the new government. The meetings with President Michel Aoun, Prime Minister Saad Hariri, Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil and other interlocutors will focus on the political and economic situation in Lebanon and in the region, as well as German-Lebanese relations.

Germany pledged its continued support for Lebanon at the CEDRE Conference held in Paris last April. The implementation of the economic reforms agreed upon there will also be discussed during the visit.

Prior to the talks, Minister of State Annen issued the following statement today (5 March):

Within the Arab world, Lebanon embodies a coexistence of different religious and ethnic communities of unparalleled complexity. Lebanese society has borne up in the face of the ongoing crises in the region, especially in neighbouring Syria. Through our extensive commitment, we stand firmly by Lebanon’s side and support the country as it continues to implement economic reforms and to pursue its policy of dissociation from regional conflicts.


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