Foreign Minister Gabriel on the situation in Spain

02.10.2017 - Press release

Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel issued the following statement on Monday (2 October) on the situation in Spain:

The images that reached us from Spain yesterday show how important it is to end the spiral of escalation now. I therefore urge the two sides to enter into talks to find a viable political solution. It is vital now to remain calm and to act within the limits of the rule of law and the Spanish Constitution. The rule of law is one of the EU’s fundamental pillars. This principle unites us, with Spain in our midst.

Germany and Spain have the closest of ties: Spain is Germany’s close political partner – bilaterally, in the EU and in NATO. What is more, our countries are also bound by many personal friendships thanks to the many Spanish people in Germany as well as the many Germans who either live in Spain or frequently visit that country. We therefore have the greatest possible interest in having Spain as a strong partner and EU member state.

I firmly believe that Spain can only overcome its internal divisions if the two sides agree on a common way forward. That is in the best interest of Spain and its citizens.

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