Statement by Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel on North Korea’s latest missile test

15.09.2017 - Press release

Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel issued the following statement today (15 September) on North Korea’s latest missile test:

North Korea is continuing to directly threaten the security of its neighbours and of international shipping and aviation through its reckless missile and nuclear tests. I condemn its latest launch of a ballistic missile over Japanese territory in the strongest possible terms.

Not only do North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile tests violate the applicable UN Security Council resolutions in the gravest way, the country’s irresponsible and illegal conduct is also aggravating tensions on the Korean peninsula. Once again, the regime in Pyongyang is demonstrating that it poses a serious threat to world peace.

We need to stand up resolutely and unambiguously to this threat as the international community and to increase the pressure on the regime in North Korea together. The German Government thus urges the rapid implementation of the most recent UN Security Council resolution and welcomes the convening of an emergency session of the Security Council this afternoon.

I urgently call on North Korea to comply with all applicable UN Security Council resolutions and to immediately cease all activities relating to its illegal missile and nuclear programme without exception.

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