Statement by Foreign Minister Gabriel on North Korea’s missile test

29.08.2017 - Press release

Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel issued the following statement today (29 August) on the margins of his trip to Washington, DC:

Early this morning, North Korea once again tested a ballistic missile, sending it directly over Japanese territory. I am shocked at how brazenly North Korea is violating UN Security Council Resolutions and international law, putting the peace and security of people in its immediate neighbourhood recklessly at risk.In view of this threat, we share the anxiety of the Government and people of Japan, and we assure them of our full solidarity.

I will meet with US Secretary of State Tillerson in Washington today; I will tell him that we support the diplomatic options through which the United States hopes to convince North Korea to return to the negotiating table.

We very much welcome efforts to call for a special meeting of the UN Security Council, so that urgent talks can be held on how to de-escalate the dangerous crisis with North Korea.

In the present situation, it is all the more important for the international community to rigorously implement the current sanctions regime, which aims to convince North Korea to abandon its illegal ballistic missile and nuclear programmes.

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