Foreign Minister Gabriel ahead of his trip to the United States

28.08.2017 - Press release

Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel issued the following statement today (28 August) before flying to Washington:

I have decided at short notice to fly to the United States today for the third time since taking up office to meet my American counterpart Rex Tillerson to discuss the problems we are facing at present. North Korea’s nuclear programme, the situation in Afghanistan, the crisis in Qatar, maintaining the nuclear agreement with Iran, the US sanctions against Russia – these are only some of the issues and crises currently weighing heavily on our minds. Now is the time for diplomacy.

For this we need to work closely with Washington. Even though we have not always been on the same wavelength recently: America is Europe’s most important ally. It is precisely because we have different views on key issues at the moment that we have to seek a dialogue with those willing to cooperate.

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