Statement by the Federal Foreign Office on the murder of Israelis and the violence in East Jerusalem and the West Bank

22.07.2017 - Press release

A Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson issued the following statement today (22 July) on the murder of three Israeli citizens in the Halamish settlement in the occupied West Bank and the violent clashes in East Jerusalem and towns in the West Bank in which three Palestinians were killed and dozens injured:

We condemn the perfidious murder of three members of an Israeli family in the occupied West Bank. We also condemn the violent clashes that claimed three lives and injured many people and have shaken East Jerusalem and other towns in the West Bank. There can be no justification for violence against people. We share the grief of the victims’ families. Our thoughts are with their relatives.

We call on all sides to play their part in de‑escalating the situation and not to allow those who call for or accept violence to dominate the discourse.

It is vital to keep the channels of communication open and to give the parties space to reach a solution together that does justice to the security needs of all sides and the importance of the holy sites for the three monotheistic religions, while maintaining the status quo at Temple Mount/Haram al‑Sharif.

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