Foreign Minister Gabriel ahead of his trip to the Gulf region

03.07.2017 - Press release

Before leaving for the Gulf region, Foreign Minister Gabriel issued the following statement today (3 July):

For the last few weeks, brother and neighbouring countries in the Arabian Peninsula have been engaged in a worrying conflict. We are concerned that mistrust and discord could ultimately weaken all sides and the Gulf Peninsula as a whole.

We support neither one side nor the other. We are not taking anyone’s part. However, the conflict in the Gulf not only concerns whose involved in this dispute but also affects us and our interests. That goes for the fight against IS as well as the stability of a region which has been hit hard by crises, tensions and war and is facing major economic and social challenges for the future. We are therefore convinced that the Gulf Cooperation Council has to become a strong forum for cooperation and conflict resolution.

We strongly support the mediation efforts of the Emir of Kuwait. For what is needed now is an earnest dialogue among everyone involved with a view to finding constructive solutions through negotiation. To this end, everyone must play their part and show that they are prepared to consider the position of the other side. I have made that clear in many talks during the last few weeks, and that will be my message during this trip.

We firmly believe that stopping the financing of terrorist organisations and extremists – no matter by whom or from where – is absolutely essential: with no ifs and buts, and in a practicable and transparent manner. If better mechanisms for this can be developed, then this crisis could even ultimately strengthen our instruments in the fight against terrorism. However, this requires goodwill, de-escalation and a dialogue on all sides.

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