Israeli-German cyber dialogue at the Federal Foreign Office

11.05.2017 - Press release

Delegations from Israel and Germany are meeting at the Federal Foreign for the first time today (11 May) for a dialogue on issues relating to international cyber policy and cyber security. Their discussions will focus on a presentation of the two countries’ cyber security architectures as well as a comprehensive exchange of information and views on current issues and developments in cyber diplomacy and international cyber policy.

Both sides agreed that, “in view of the diversity and intensity of the threats in cyberspace that our countries currently face, it is vitally important that we cooperate in the interests of our countries’ national security and, above all, with the protection of our critical infrastructures in mind. Israel and Germany are already liaising closely with regard to strengthening national and international cyber security. Within the framework of our open and productive dialogue, we have identified further areas where we intend to intensify our bilateral cooperation. This also includes the opportunities arising in both countries’ markets vis‑à‑vis security solutions that have been developed in Israel and Germany”.

Both sides will hold discussions today on how best to continue this dialogue.

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