Human Rights Commissioner Bärbel Kofler travels to Mexico

08.05.2017 - Press release

Ahead of her trip to Mexico, Bärbel Kofler, Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid at the Federal Foreign Office, issued the following statement today (8 May):

Mexico is an important partner for Germany. The very good relations between our countries and our close cooperation, also in United Nations bodies, are good reasons for me to travel there during the current Year of Mexico.

At the same time, I am concerned about certain developments in the country. The protection of journalists and of human rights defenders is not as effective in practice as it should be. The Mexican government is aware of certain problems, that is, the involuntary disappearance of individuals, as well as torture and impunity.

I want to conduct an exchange on these issues with the Mexican government, as well as with the parliament, active members of civil society and, of course, human rights organisations. It is my aim to support the efforts of Mexicans to strengthen both the rule of law and the effectiveness of protective mechanisms.

Background information:

Ms Kofler’s trip will also take her to the state of Oaxaca, where she intends to meet with government institutions that are responsible for women’s and indigenous people’s rights, as well as hold discussions with an NGO regarding the freedom of the press.

On the occasion of Ms Kofler’s trip to Mexico, the Federal Foreign Office will be conducting a human rights seminar in Mexico City that Ms Kofler will attend and that will will focus on the Central American and Caribbean region.

Germany and Mexico: bilateral relations

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