Minister of State Michael Roth on the occasion of the 4th German‑Czech Dialogue on Migration and Integration

02.05.2017 - Press release

Minister of State for Europe Michael Roth issued the following statement today (2 May) following talks with the Director of the Department of Advisors to the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Vladimír Spidla, and a Czech delegation at the Federal Foreign Office:

I am delighted that we had an opportunity to continue our dialogue on migration and integration today. We have held discussions on an equal footing about common European solutions in the area of refugees, migration and integration. Our cooperation with Czechia is very constructive indeed and is taking place in a spirit of mutual trust. While we do not always share the same opinion with regard to migration policy, we are reaching out to each other and working together in a solution‑oriented manner. We agree that unilateral actions, mutual accusations and anti‑European slogans will not get us anywhere.

Today, we primarily focused on questions relating to integrating migrants into the labour market. Through focusing on success stories in the area of integration, we were able to demonstrate the opportunities and potential offered by migration. What is more, we also engaged in critical reflection on where there is room for improvement. The close and frequent consultations taking place between Prague and Berlin have highlighted the common ground between us time and again. Our cooperation is beginning to bear fruit in the form of a joint refugee project in Jordan. This demonstrates the tangible impact of our cooperation and friendship.

Background information:

In January 2016, Minister of State Roth and Vladimír Spidla established the German‑Czech Dialogue on Migration and Integration, a format in which they meet alternately in Prague and Berlin and are joined by expert delegations. The delegation talks are supplemented by specific projects. As a result of the dialogue on migration and integration in Prague in November 2016, an agreement was reached to support a project seeking to improve the living conditions of refugees in Jordan. Together with Czechia, the Federal Government is supporting a project in the Azraq refugee camp in Jordan that is overseen by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). The objective of the project is to expand and maintain existing refugee accommodation and to distribute humanitarian aid supplies. Germany is supporting these measures with 1.5 million euros in 2017. Czechia has contributed a similar sum.

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