Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson on the missile test in North Korea

29.04.2017 - Press release

A Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson issued the following statement today (29 April) on the most recent missile test in North Korea:

This morning, North Korea once again attempted to launch a ballistic missile in spite of clear warnings from the international community. Although this test was evidently unsuccessful, it represents a clear breach of international law.

North Korea’s aggressive collision course and its violation of UN Security Council resolutions are jeopardising the peace and security of its neighbours and the entire region. We condemn this renewed breach of international law in the strongest possible terms and call upon the regime in North Korea to return to international norms.

Yesterday’s high‑level meeting of the UN Security Council emphasised that the international community is united and determined to take a joint stand against the threat posed by the North Korean nuclear weapon and missile programme – and is prepared to use additional pressure if North Korea does not finally take steps to de‑escalate the situation.

At the same time it is clear that this conflict cannot be contained and ultimately resolved by military means, but only through diplomatic channels.

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