Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel in Israel

24.04.2017 - Press release

Today (24 April), upon his arrival in Israel, Foreign Minister Gabriel issued the following statement:

Today, Israel remembers those who died in the Shoah, six million Jews who were murdered by the National Socialists in an unparalleled crime against humanity. On this occasion I want to reiterate in no uncertain terms the historic responsibility that Germany bears for the Holocaust and the crimes of the Second World War and that guides our conduct today. For our generation it is both a warning and an obligation – to take a stand against anti‑Semitism and for human dignity, tolerance and intercultural understanding. That is the task for which we will one day be called to account.

Here in Israel today, I bow my head in silence before the unfathomable depths, the almost inconceivable betrayal of all civilised values that was the Shoah, and before the country that has, despite this, extended its hand to us Germans.

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