Minister of State Roth attends Hambach conference on Franco‑German cooperation

06.04.2017 - Press release

Minister of State Roth issued the following statement today (6 April) in Hambach at the conference on Franco‑German cooperation:

It is good to know that Franco‑German friendship extends far beyond our day‑to‑day political contacts. There are innumerable close ties in civil society, in the economic and cultural spheres, and at a personal level.

Looking at the tightly knit network of Franco‑German partnerships and initiatives, one can tell we have a vibrant exchange, and that our relations are, and will remain, multifaceted and dynamic. The large variety of ideas on how these ties can be further intensified is perfect proof of how close the bonds between our peoples are.

Background information:

On 6 April, Minister of State Michael Roth, Commissioner for Franco‑German Cooperation, and his French counterpart, Harlem Désir, are joining Minister‑President and President of the Bundesrat Malu Dreyer in hosting the third conference on Franco‑German cross‑border cooperation. The last conference was held two years ago in the French city of Metz. This year’s conference is entitled “Franco‑German cooperation in the border region – an ideas workshop for Europe”. Some 250 participants from Berlin, Paris, Rhineland‑Palatinate, Saarland, Baden‑Württemberg and the neighbouring Grand Est region are attending the event.

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