Transatlantic Coordinator travels to Canada and the United States

05.04.2017 - Press release

The Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation, Jürgen Hardt, is travelling to Ottawa, Boston and Los Angeles from 5 to 9 April. Ahead of his departure, he commented as follows:

Relations between Canada and Europe are probably now closer than ever as was highlighted once more by Prime Minister Trudeau’s recent visit to Berlin. The CETA agreement between the EU and Canada which points the way forward will soon provisionally enter into force. This will mean our economic areas will grow even closer together. Citizens on both sides of the Atlantic will reap the benefits. It is an important signal in these turbulent times that Canada and the EU are making a clear commitment to free and fair trade based on high standards. In talks with government representatives and MPs, I hope to explore how we can further tap the potential inherent in our relations.

In Boston, the annual German-American Conference at Harvard brings together key decision-makers from the United States, Germany and Europe. It gives me the opportunity to follow on from the many talks I have conducted since the Trump Administration took office. In talks with representatives from government, business and academia, but also with broad sections of civil society, it will be a matter of underscoring once more our priorities for and expectations of the transatlantic partnership.

In Los Angeles, the Federal Government recently acquired the house Thomas Mann lived in during his exile. It is to become an important centre for transatlantic dialogue, abstracted as it is from the political hubs on the east coast. I want to use my talks to find out more about how the planning stage is progressing.

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