Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel: 235 million euros for humanitarian assistance and stabilisation in the fight against IS

23.03.2017 - Press release

After increasing Germany’s support for humanitarian assistance and stabilisation in Iraq and Syria by 235 million euros, Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel made the following comments in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on the occasion of the meeting in Washington of the Global Coalition working to defeat ISIS:

IS is on the retreat everywhere. In Iraq alone, more than one and a half million people have been able to return to areas freed from the clutches of the terrorist militia.

It is especially important now that the international community’s support for the fight against IS remains firm. For a long and difficult road still lies ahead for people in Iraq and Syria before the terrorists have been driven out for good.

Although the latest military successes against IS are crucially important, it is clear that the fight against IS cannot be won by military means alone. We therefore support the Iraqi Government’s efforts to bring about reconciliation and economic stability and we are pressing for a political solution in the Syria conflict.

People will only return home if they have confidence in a bright and better future. This confidence can only be generated if booby-traps are cleared in the liberated regions, the drinking water and power supplies restored and progress is made in rebuilding local administrative structures. And, of course, this will require schools and jobs.

Germany is already making a crucial contribution towards these key stabilisation measures and we intend to continue this year. In Washington, therefore, we pledged a further 235 million euros for humanitarian assistance and stabilisation to help people in Iraq and Syria.

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