Federal Foreign Office condemns North Korean missile launches

06.03.2017 - Press release

A Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson issued the following statement today (6 March):

“Once again, North Korea has tested a number of ballistic missiles. We condemn this action by the regime in Pyongyang in the strongest and clearest possible terms. These tests are an irresponsible provocation and clearly infringe the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council. With its actions, the regime in North Korea is not only endangering our partners in the region – especially Japan and South Korea – but the missile and nuclear programme also poses a threat to security and stability beyond the region.

The Federal Government stands united with all of its partners in its condemnation of these tests. We will continue to engage in close dialogue as to further steps to be taken and will call for the pertinent sanctions imposed on North Korea by the United Nations Security Council to be implemented even more rigorously. Moreover, we will issue a clear reminder to the North Korean regime that such irresponsible playing with fire will lead to ever greater international isolation.

In view of the collision course that North Korea is on against the international community, a further tightening of UN sanctions continues to be on the table.”

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