Federal Foreign Office statement on liberation of eastern Mosul

25.01.2017 - Press release

A Federal Foreign Office spokesperson issued the following statement today (25 January) after eastern Mosul was liberated from IS:

The liberation of eastern Mosul is an important step in the fight against IS in Iraq. As it demonstrates, the IS terrorists are increasingly on the defensive. The support of the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL is contributing to that progress.

We commend Prime Minister al‑Abadi’s Government and the Iraqi security forces for their determined action and systematic approach. This achievement would also not have been possible without the Kurdish Peshmerga.

The vital thing now is to swiftly restore security in the eastern part of the city and to ensure access to supplies for the inhabitants who have managed to survive these terrible years under the nightmare of IS terror. People want to get back to normal life quickly. We are already seeing a return to something like normality in some areas, as people regain the confidence to go out in the street and markets are opened. Thousands have already returned to the liberated districts and southern suburbs. With German support, the United Nations has launched a number of initial stabilisation measures on the ground to, for example, restore electricity supplies and healthcare clinics.

Germany is one of Iraq’s largest humanitarian donors, contributing crucial funding. Last year it provided almost 120 million euros, much of which has been benefiting the people in and around Mosul. This support helps keep people supplied with clean water and food as well as ensuring basic medical care.

Humanitarian need remains extremely high, as the toughest challenge still lies ahead: hundreds of thousands of people in the western part of the city are still in the hands of IS, trying to survive in the most difficult of conditions.

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