“Big countries, too, need partners in the world”

22.01.2017 - Press release

Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the inauguration of Donald Trump. Published in Bild am Sonntag on 22 January 2017.

As with all transitions of power, there are uncertainties, doubts and question marks concerning the course the new leadership will take. These days, however, are marked by a new global disorder ‑ and more, much more, is at stake: With the election of Donald Trump, the old world of the 20th century has been relegated to the history books. We live in a historical hiatus, because the post-war order and also the quarter century after the fall of the Wall have come to an end. The forms of global order that will prevail in the 21st century, and what the world of tomorrow will look like, have not yet been determined and are completely open.

Not only Donald Trump has assumed office, but his team, too, will rapidly take up its government duties. We will seek dialogue, and we will explain to the new administration our position, our values and our interests. We want to make perfectly clear what we envision for and expect of a partnership of equals between Europe and the United States, a partnership that must be re-consolidated. Free trade, exchange and an open world, unity in the fight against extremism and terrorism, as well as close transatlantic cooperation that is based on trust and shared values are at the very top of our agenda.

I know that we must prepare ourselves for troubled times ahead, for unpredictable developments and new uncertainties. However, I trust that our words will fall on receptive ears in Washington. I hope the new administration knows that big countries, too, need partners in this world, and that it is willing to pursue its objectives with good friends and proven Allies at its side.

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