Federal Foreign Office on the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

19.12.2016 - Press release

A Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson issued the following statement in Berlin today (19 December 2016):

Today marks the official end of the second term in office of the President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo as laid down in the country's Constitution. This law does not allow a President to stand as a candidate a third time.

According to the Constitution, presidential elections ought to have been held at the latest on 27 November 2016. The German Government very much regrets that this has not happened despite all the efforts at national and international level.

From now on, the Congolese Government's scope for action will be restricted. The German Government will adapt its political contacts and cooperation in accordance. The negotiations on development cooperation scheduled to take place next year will be postponed indefinitely. The German Government reserves the right to take further steps.

It supports the talks mediated by the Congolese Conference of Catholic Bishops aiming to reach a compromise solution to make the transitional period leading to the presidential elections as short as possible without having to amend the Constitution.

If agreement is reached, the German Government is prepared, together with its European partners, to support the election process.

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