Statement by the Federal Foreign Office on the situation in Aleppo

28.11.2016 - Press release

A Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson issued the following statement today (28 November) on the situation in Aleppo:

As a result of the latest heavy fighting and the capture of large parts of eastern Aleppo by the regime and its supporters, the people in the area are in an absolutely desperate situation.

Thousands of people are risking life and limb trying to flee to neighbouring districts. Hundreds have been killed or severely injured in the past days, and people have no chance whatsoever of receiving the medical care they need to survive.

For the sake of the people in Aleppo, an immediate humanitarian ceasefire is needed. The fighting in the city must stop, aid supplies must be delivered to those in need and injured people must be evacuated.

This tragedy must come to an end. The regime and its supporters, particularly Russia and Iran, bear the greatest responsibility for this. Providing humanitarian access is the absolute minimum. This is a moral imperative and it is required by the humanitarian standards that unite the international community. No one may renege on this responsibility, especially at this time.

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