Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the signing of the Colombian peace agreement

24.11.2016 - Press release

Foreign Minister Steinmeier today (24 November) issued the following statement on the signing of the new peace agreement between the Colombian Government and FARC guerillas:

Today another crucial step has been taken towards ending the armed conflict in Colombia. The Government, but also the FARC, have again proven how serious they are about peace and have demonstrated that they will not give up looking for ways to achieve it. But it is still far too early to feel relief. The peace process is now at a critical juncture: the ceasefire is extremely fragile, and the increase in politically motivated killings shows that other violent players are doing their utmost to torpedo Colombia’s path to a peaceful future.

It will be like a race against time to put this written commitment to peace into practice as soon as possible. With peace within reach, therefore, it is now more important than ever to realise that now is not the time for political differences or tactical strategies with an eye to elections. All parties represented in Congress should be determined to work constructively to shape peace in their country. The people’s hopes for a life unmarked by violence, particularly in those areas in which this conflict has already left serious scars, must not be disappointed any more.

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