Foreign Minister Steinmeier: Renewed agreement on peace accord in Colombia is a sign of hope

13.11.2016 - Press release

In a world that is out of joint, the renewed agreement on a peace accord in Colombia is a sign of hope. I know it has cost all involved a great deal of effort, and that it took a strong and unwavering desire for peace to bring everyone together around the negotiating table again after the huge disappointment of the failed referendum to work towards a new, improved peace agreement. This is the proof of how deeply both sides want a peaceful future for Colombia – and of the fact that continuing the bloody conflict simply is not an option any more. It also testifies to President Santos’ passionate commitment to this peace, which is to bring an end at last to the decades of death and killing in Colombia. We can only admire this courage to work for peace.
Germany has been engaged in the search for peace for ten years now, and will continue to stand by the side of its partner Colombia. We will help to realise this hope of peace by providing concrete support.

Background information:

Germany has been committed to the peace process in Colombia for around ten years. Its involvement includes the personal commitment of the Envoy to the Colombian Peace Process, Tom Koenigs. Over the past ten years, Germany has provided 367 million euros of support for the peace process from development cooperation funds, plus loans totalling 100 million euros annually since 2014. Additional funding from the Federal Foreign Office goes to mine clearance in the conflict zones, aid for mine victims and accommodation and medical aid for internally displaced persons. German projects help them with finding jobs. The Federal Foreign Office is also involved in the field of transitional justice. Work has begun to establish a German-Colombian Peace Institute. In addition, Germany will contribute to an EU Trust Fund and a UN Post-Conflict Multi-Donor Trust Fund.

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