Statement by Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the death of Manfred Krug

27.10.2016 - Press release

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier issued the following statement today (27 October) on the death of Manfred Krug:

With the death of Manfred Krug, Germany has lost an outstanding actor and a unique character, whose virtuosity had an enormous impact on film and television in East Germany, West Germany and the reunited Germany. In his roles as Detective Inspector Paul Stoever in “Tatort” and truck driver Franz Meersdonk in “Auf Achse”, Manfred Krug moved millions of viewers with his characters, which were derived from real life, and his authentic manner.

Above all, in his role as worker Hannes Balla in the film “Spur der Steine”, which was ultimately censored for being anti-state and anti-party, Manfred Krug, along with Frank Beyer, who directed the film, portrayed the difficulties of daily life in the GDR and denounced the hypocrisy of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany’s regime, in the knowledge that he was openly challenging the elites in East Germany just a few years after the building of the Berlin Wall. Manfred Krug’s courageous decision to support the protest against Wolf Biermann’s expulsion from the GDR, thus putting his own career at stake once again, will never be forgotten. Manfred Krug was multi-talented. He was an actor, an author and a jazz singer. He had a mind of his own and did not allow himself to be easily swayed. At the same time, his friendly and humorous manner made him a part of us all. We will miss him.

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