Foreign Minister Steinmeier has issued the following statement on the signing of the peace agreement in Colombia today (26 September):

26.09.2016 - Press release

By signing this peace accord, the parties to the conflict have shown that peace is possible – even after decades of hostilities, during which more than 300,000 were killed and millions displaced.

That is cause for joy – for people in Colombia and for the entire world. What is more, it gives hope that other seemingly intractable and violent conflicts can also be resolved.

This outcome was achieved through firm political will, a readiness to compromise, persistent diplomatic efforts, as well as an attentive and committed civil society.

Now it is up to Colombian voters to give the peace agreement a chance by casting their votes in favour.

We, too, will continue to work for peace in Colombia, for instance in the spheres of transitional justice and reconciliation.

In the post‑conflict period, swift support will be needed to stabilise the areas hit particularly hard by the conflict. A special UN trust fund was established to this end, towards which we have already contributed two million euros.“

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