Federal Foreign Office condemns North Korean missile launch

03.08.2016 - Press release

A spokesperson for the Federal Foreign Office issued the following statement today (3 August):

The German Government condemns North Korea’s latest missile launches in the clearest and strongest possible terms. North Korea has once again disregarded an unambiguous prohibition issued by the United Nations Security Council.

In firing a missile towards Japan, with the projectile landing only 250km to the north of the Japanese coast, Pyongyang was evidently acting deliberately to jeopardise the security of another state. This is a dangerous act of provocation. There is now a new quality to North Korea’s provocations.

I repeat what the international community has already had to emphasise several times this year: in conducting these missile tests, Pyongyang is in blatant violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions that are binding under international law. North Korea is not permitted to test or launch ballistic missiles.

The primary effect of North Korea’s irresponsible conduct is to further increase the pressure and determination the international community will exert to suppress these banned and dangerous activities. We will be communicating this to the North Koreans very clearly via the relevant channels.

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