Federal Foreign Office welcomes agreement in Bosnia and Herzegovina

02.08.2016 - Press release

A spokesperson for the Federal Foreign Office issued the following statement today (2 August):

We welcome the agreement reached in Sarajevo at the weekend, particularly on the coordination mechanism for the talks between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EU. This agreement is a chance for Bosnia and Herzegovina to take further steps along the road towards the EU.

Now all political decision‑makers are called upon to do their part to implement this agreement and have it adopted quickly by the Council of Ministers. This will also pave the way for the agreement on a new credit facility with the International Monetary Fund. A sound financial footing is crucial for the reform processes that lie ahead. The priority must now be to tangibly improve economic and social prospects for the people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, notwithstanding all ethnic differences, and to take the next steps down the path towards the EU.

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