Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the Armenia resolution in the German Bundestag

02.06.2016 - Press release

Whilst on a visit to Argentina, Foreign Minister Steinmeier issued the following statement today (2 June):

Turkey and Germany have many ties going far beyond political relations between governments. We are bound not only by economic relations, the crises in the Middle East or migration flows. Another thing determining the special relationship between Turkey and Germany is the fact that the populations of our countries are closely interwoven, with many people of Turkish origin having found a home in Germany. That is why we have a great interest in close links and a close partnership with Turkey.

You asked about the vote which took place in the Bundestag today, after a long and broad discussion among the German public. In the first instance, this is an independent decision by the German Bundestag. As was to be expected, Turkey has responded, and I hope that over the next few days and weeks together we will be able to ensure that there are no over-reactions. Certainly, when it comes to the question of how to approach the history that links Armenia and Turkey, we will not cease to do what we can to ensure that these two neighbouring countries, Turkey and Armenia, talk not only about each other, but also to each other, and find a way to deal with each other. And it would be good if, after this debate, which took place not only in Germany but throughout Europe, historians on both sides could at last find a way to embark on the job of coming to grips with the past.

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